Politique d'exécution des ordres


AvaTrade (referred to below as “we”, “us” or “our”) is committed to conducting business with our clients in an honest, fair and professional manner and to act in the best interests of our clients with respect to execution of orders.


We provide margin services covering forex and CFDs in commodities, metals and indices and equities. We decide what markets we will make available and we publish the prices at which we will trade. We are the counterparty to every trade which means that if you open a position in a market with us you can only close that position by dealing again with us.

Once you ‘click on’ a price quoted by us, the trade becomes effective as soon as it has been confirmed to you and at the same time we will also confirm the price to you.


Your Orders are executed exclusively via a bilateral transaction with us through our Platform, and not through a transaction on any exchange, multilateral trading system or other external execution venue.

Our Platform is fully automated for pricing and Order execution. When you place an Order to enter into or close a trade, you are giving the Platform an instruction to place an Order on your account on the basis of the Prices generated by our Platform.

The Prices are generated electronically. Whilst these Prices will take into account market data from various sources, they are not taken directly from any source, and therefore may not match prices quoted elsewhere (including prices quoted on stock exchanges).

The Price at which an Order is executed may be less favorable to you than the Price displayed on the Platform at the time of placing the Order (for instance, due to market movements occurring during the period between the time the Order is placed and the time it is executed by the Platform).

The Prices which you see when you place an Order may not be identical to the Price at which the trade is executed. We attempt to generate Prices on a continuous basis and to have the currently applicable Prices displayed on our Platform as quickly as possible. However, technical conditions (e.g., the transfer rate of data networks) may lead to a change in the applicable Price during the period between the time the Order is placed by you and the time the relevant Order is received by us or the Order is executed by the Platform. Such changes are based exclusively on the continuous automatic calculation of the applicable Price by the Platform which is based on market data of exchanges, markets and other trading investment platforms. This means such changes are indirectly based on fluctuations in the financial markets rather than on arbitrary interventions made by us. If such changes occur, the Order is generally executed at the Price applicable when the Order is executed by the Platform. Such movements in the Prices may either be to your disadvantage or have a favorable impact.

In addition, there will be times when circumstances may prevent the Platform from generating Prices or affect the Prices being generated. Please refer in particular to our terms and conditions section 14. Disclaimer of Warranties / Limitation of Liability.


We are committed to providing you with a competitive and superior service and we believe the following factors are important to providing that service:

Price: Our prices for Forex and CFDs are calculated by reference to the price of the underlying which we derive from our third party liquidity providers. We choose our liquidity providers based on the reliability of their systems in delivering price feeds and the frequency with which they update prices in order to ensure that we receive a consistent service with minimum disruption. We may use the above liquidity providers to hedge our position in the underlying assets of the CFDs which we offer. This will not affect our commitment to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Spreads: Our bid-offer spreads are derived from the prices quoted by our liquidity providers. Ava aims to provide competitive spreads relative to the market and the differences in spreads is a reflection of the volatility associated with the relevant underlying. Spreads attributable to our products can be found on our website under the Trading tab.

Speed: Given the risk and volatility associated with trading leveraged derivative products such as Forex and CFDs, we place significant importance on the speed with which we execute and settle orders to ensure client orders are executed close to, or at the desired price.

Factors impacting on our ability to meet the commitments set out above include:

Type of the Order: Where you vary a standard ‘request for quote’ order by placing, for example, stop losses or limit orders, Ava will endeavour to execute that order in accordance with your instructions. However, due to the volatility associated with trading in Forex or CFDs, some ‘gapping’ may occur which in certain circumstances may prevent us from closing out your position at a specified ‘stop-loss’ price.

Specific Instructions: Where you provide us with specific instructions as to how to execute a particular order, this may impact on our ability to provide execution in accordance with the criteria outlined above.


We will monitor compliance with this policy and will publish updates if relevant on our website.